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“From God, We Should Expect Nothing Less Than The Impossible”

Fr. Rafael Noica I have received many letters to which I can never respond, I have spoken with many, and I have seen that every person today is a tragedy; every person is loaded with pain and despair. But listen to what Saint Paul says: “God has illumined our hearts to shine the knowledge of His glory towards Christ. This treasure we have in earthen...

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“As did Apostle Paul” (part 5)

We continue to present the last part of the interview that Father James Bernstein was willing to give exclusively to our magazine. This time also, Father James gives us uncomfortable answers to uncomfortable questions, answers meant to get us out of our self-sufficiency of “Orthodox by birth”. As a Jew with roots in Orthodox Mosaicism and...

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“As did Apostle Paul” (part 4)

Father James Bernstein “We are in the midst of the post-Christian era”, it has been repeated to us since Nietzsche decreed or rather found that “God is dead”, rather in the human hearts. The post-Christian spirit enters boldly also among us, the Christians, in our communities, in our families, in our minds and hearts, every day and every moment...

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“As did Apostle Paul” (part 3)

Father James Bernstein Is the Christianity of the Gospel today outdated? In our multicultural and transcultural world, it seems so. And if we, however, choose to remain Christians, many of us would prefer to be emancipated from the Orthodox „fundamentalism” of the Fathers, of the Holy Canons and the Tradition. In the core of the transcultural world, an...

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“As did Apostle Paul” (part 2)

Father James Bernstein Are we still aware of the vivid relationship between Old and New Testament, of the inheritance of the revelations that we received through the Prophets from the God the Most High? Do we see the direct continuation of the Jewish worship of the Old Testament in the liturgical life of our Church? Do we realize that all this inestimable...

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“As did Apostle Paul” (part 1)

Father James Bernstein was born in a formerly Hasidic Jewish family, originating from the Old City of Jerusalem. 16 years old, he began to read stealthily the New Testament in a version of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and thus he began his amazing journey to Christ, realizing that Christian Orthodoxy is the most natural continuation and fulfillment of the...

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