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Spiritual fireworks and the Light of Christ (II)

Deacon Joseph Frangipani In the previous issue, we told you the story of a young American who had been fascinated by yoga for years. He traveled to India to deepen his practice and philosophy before teaching this method to other young Americans, convinced that it is the answer to modern man’s multiple crises. But Christ, who never left him and always...

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”Let us speak the truth in love!” (I)

Father Josiah Trenham “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” Matthew 9:37. Father Josiah Trenham reminds us this word of the Savior so relevant today, when the mankind, exhausted by experiences outside of God, desperately seeks its way out of the crisis. It reminds us that our Church is apostolic not only through the continuity...

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“This is where I’m meant to be! This is where I have to go!” (part III)

Talking with Prof. John Gabriel Corcoran about his conversion to Orthodoxy Our world today looks like a ship adrift on a troubled sea. Where are we going? We do not know! Huge waves, unsuspected rocks and, above all, the mist of night. In this darkness, the horizon line seems to have disappeared. This situation reminds me of the fear of the Disciples, who,...

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“In the world, not of the world”

Among the many troubles brought about by the times of the coronavirus, came also unimaginable blessings. The online syntaxes are among them and we think, with amazement, that we never had so easy access to the Fathers of the Holy Mountain or of the Monastery of Essex, to such first-rate spiritual personalities, who now, to comfort the faithful, are willing...

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”Got is the ultimate Artist” (II)

Jonathan Jackson is one of those few Hollywood actors who embraced the Orthodox faith, being baptized in 2012 with his whole family. He began his career in Hollywood in 1993 at the age of eleven. Since then, he has worked non-stop on the film set, in movies and television series, for which he was nominated and won numerous awards, such as “Emmy...

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”God is the ultimate Artist” (I)

Jonathan Jackson answers questions of our world “My life, in the field of the Arts, began at 11 years old. Since then, I have managed to make a career in Hollywood, working in the field of film, television, stage, music, writing and directing. But I’m not only any one of those things. I’m not just an actor, although I play roles. I’m not...

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